ER Laboratory Testing and Outpatient Imaging in Brazos County, TX

Quality imaging is critical for our medical team to provide fast, accurate diagnoses. Therefore, CapRock is proud to offer the latest technology at all our facilities. And not only is it important to provide the best imaging but also with the least impact on our patients’ health. For this reason, we use imaging technology that produces the best images at the lowest radiation exposure available.

Our imaging capabilities include:


Our board-certified radiologists read all imaging studies (including outpatient procedures) immediately, day or night. Immediate reads provide our doctors with the information they need to make an accurate diagnosis quickly. CapRock provides a digital copy of each study on a CD that is viewable on any PC. These can be kept for personal records or shared with another doctor.

These doctors are independent of CapRock and will bill your insurance independently for any studies performed for ER visits and inpatients.  

Outpatient Imaging

We offer outpatient imaging in Brazos County, TX as well as our other locations. For patients whose doctors have ordered an x-ray, CAT scan, or ultrasound, these can be performed on an outpatient basis at our Hospital any time day or night.  However, please call ahead to discuss your study with our radiology staff before arrival to ensure we perform the exact study you need, and so we will be prepared for your arrival.

For payment, CapRock processes Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas insurance and Medicare, or we offer a cash payment option for individuals who do not participate with these providers.

Please see the following outpatient radiology exams and associated cash payment prices (all prices include radiologist read):

CT Coronary Calcium Score $150
CT w/o Contrast $525
CT w/ Contrast IV or Oral $600
CT w/ & w/o Contrast $775
CT Coronary Angiogram (w/wo Contrast) $825
All X-Rays (each exam) $110
Ultrasound (each study) $440
Ultrasound study w/ Doppler (Duplex) $680
Ultrasound study w/ Doppler/Transvag $920

For outpatient radiology exams not listed, please contact us at (979) 314 – 2323