CT Scans

CAT Scan Imaging

CapRock has full CAT scan imaging capability at both our hospital and 24-Hour Emergency Care location. These scans significantly improve diagnostic capabilities by providing images of internal organs in amazing detail.  Our CT scanners are some of the most advanced technology available, which allows us to get the highest quality studies with the lowest radiation exposure. Additionally, the CT at our hospital can perform coronary artery imaging, which often eliminates the need for cardiac stress testing or cardiac catheterization, and reduces time in the hospital.

Regarding CT Imaging vs. Radiation:

“The balance of image quality and radiation dose is the fundamental challenge for physicians in performing routine clinical examinations while adhering to the ALARA principle. With the integration of AIDR 3D* into Exposure controls, the radiation exposure is automatically reduced before the scan ensuring the lowest dose is given for the diagnostic task at hand, no matter what the size or shape of the patient.”
– Yasuo Nobuta, General Manager, CT Systems Division, Toshiba Medical Systems

CapRock Hospital – Bryan, TX

Our CAT scanner, the Cannon Aquilion Prime, is one of the most advanced scanners on the market, producing the best combination of high-quality scans and lowest radiation exposure in the entire region.  The additional ability to image a person’s coronary arteries greatly improves our ability to diagnose heart attacks and other critical cardiac conditions quickly.

CapRock 24-Hour Emergency Care – College Station, TX

Our CAT scanner, the Toshiba Aquilion RXL, remains one of the most advanced scanners on the market and in our area, drastically reducing radiation exposure while maintaining the highest image quality.

Outpatient CT Scans:

For a patient with an order for a CAT scan from their doctor, we offer outpatient studies on a cash pay basis at our hospital in Bryan. These are available at any time, day or night. Please call ahead so we can ensure we perform the exact study you need, and so we may be prepared for your study when you arrive.

For payment, CapRock processes Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas insurance and Medicare, or we offer a cash payment option for individuals who do not participate with these providers.

Please see the following outpatient CT scans and associated cash payment prices (all prices include radiologist read):

CT Coronary Calcium Score $150
CT w/o Contrast  $525
CT w/ Contrast IV or Oral $600
CT w/ & w/o Contrast  $775
CT Coronary Angiogram (w/ w/o Contrast) $825

For outpatient radiology exams not listed, please contact us at (979) 314 – 2323