About Us

About CapRock Health

CapRock Health System was conceived by local trauma physicians out of an ardent desire to change the face of healthcare in Bryan/College Station. Grounded on decades of traditional emergency medicine experience, our founders established CapRock Health, creating an unparalleled, truly patient-centered care experience through:

  • Hospital and ER direction by hand-picked emergency physicians
  • Hospital and ER care by the best emergency nurses who average over ten years of experience in trauma centers
  • State-of-the-art facilities with technology and architecture designed to maximize patient healing and family friendliness
  • Financial and customer care services that simplify billing and insurance processes

Our Vision

At CapRock Health, we believe that progress and innovation do not have a finish line. Our vision is to build an unequaled healthcare community that unites patients’ healthcare needs and their freedom to choose the best, with an advanced team of medical professionals who serve both. We will provide the care our community needs the way want and deserve!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to positively change the status quo in our community through truly personal, innovative, and efficient healthcare.

Our Values


Altruism is the start of everything we do, placing the needs of patients, teammates, and the community above our own. Our selfless devotion and concern for the wellbeing of others lead our every decision.


Compassion compels us. While we express our physical caring through our hands, our hearts lead us to share understanding, dignity, and respect with our patients and teammates.


Excellence is not just our standard; it is the result of intentional, selfless, and collaborative execution, and a culture where good is never good enough.


Integrity is doing the right thing, regardless of recognition, reward, or popularity. And, since integrity in healthcare is fundamental, we refuse to compromise our ethics or character.


Teamwork is coming together with a common purpose, culture, and goals. Our team members intensely collaborate and communicate to share their knowledge, skills, and talents for the benefit of our patients and one another.


Accountability is paramount in our role as a dedicated community member. We know our choices impact the wellbeing of our neighbors, families, friends, and team members. We actively take responsibility for our commitments in the care for others.